Corsairs Den


This website is dedicated to one of my greatest passions, roleplaying games!

What is a roleplaying game? A roleplaying game, rpg for short is game in which a group of people get together and sit around a table to join in on a shared fantasy world and storyline in which all but one play the lead roles, so called characters. The last participant does not play a lead character but instead plays the entire world from the air the characters breath, to the city they walk through or the monster they’re fighting. This person is also the referee, has final say on all rules and guides the players through the stories and world. That role comes by several names, Storyteller, Gamemaster or Dungeonmaster, and that is my part.

my name is Duncan. I have over 30 years of rpg experience as both player and GameMaster in many different gamesystems. It is my privilege to take people with me in the many settings, stories and tales filled with adventure and wonder on a ride that they will hopefully remember for a long time to come.

Welcome, to Corsair’s Den.

This Gamemaster knows the following systems:
Dungeons & Dragons 1 through 5th edition
Shadowrun 5
Star Wars Saga system
Gamma World 6th ed (d&d 4 ed.)
World of Datkness, Vampire, Mage, Changeling, Werewolf.
Serenity the rpg
The Dark Eye
Het Oog des Meesters

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